Quality guarantee

TNJ Quality Guarantee

»  Quality can NEVER be compromised

»  Quality must be confirmed before order

»  Quality must be 100% same as agreed

»  TNJ Chemical bears all cost due to quality incident


Please clarify the quality standards and/or application fields in your request, in particular when you have special request on specification. This will help us to supply or recommend you the correct product you are looking for.

COA (Certificate of Analysis)

Usually we will send you a copy of COA (Certificate of Analysis) for your reference, on which lists the items specification. You can refer to the COA to check if all are correct as what you are looking for. We guarantee and are responsible for our COA contents.


We also can send you a small sample for your test if you are not sure about the quality. Sample can easily proves if it is what you are looking for. We guarantee and are responsible for the sample compliance with the bulk order quality.

Quality Issue

If quality issue happens although we believer there is slim chance, please feedback us with details information. We definitely will respond immediately and give you our suggestions within one week at most.


Once the quality issue confirmed, we will send a new batch immediately to replace the disqualified to avoid any delay to customers production. Customers can also instruct us to refund and take back the disqualified cargo, if no caro replacement is needed.


TNJ Chemical promise that we will bear all costs arising from the quality issue, including test costs, freight, travel costs etc. Our principle is that we never avoid our responsibility to the quality issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

I never do business with your company, so i am afraid of being frauded.

TNJ has been in chemical business for about 20 years since from 2001, so now we have customers with good cooperation in most of the countries around the world. Please tell us where you are from, then we can recommend some contact for your reference. Meanwhile, you are very welcome to be invited to visit our company.  Also, every year we have plan to anticipate the various kind of exhibition around the world, then you can visit our booth to have a face to face talk.  Anyway, TNJ Chemical is a time honored, middle sized and reputable company in China, so no need to worry about doing business with us.

What is your procedure for quality control?

For our own manufactured product, we do as follows:

1.  To produce as per international standard, or confirmed specification.

2.  Sample from the finished production, and send to TNJ Test Center which is independent from Production.  Test Center is just responsible for the sample testing and to issue test report.

3.  The Quality Control (QC) Department will decide if the batch quality is is okay or not, according to the test report from the Test Center.  QC will stamp Qualified on the test report if the batch quality is okay, otherwise Disqualified.

4.  Only Qualified products approved by QC can be put into market for sales.

If i can visit your company if there is quality issue with us?

You are very welcome to visit TNJ Chemical at any time. During the past 20 years since from 2001, there were only 2 quality issues with our customers. We have confidence in this point because we have strict procedure in quality control. We can not say that we are the Number one in the world for the quality, but we should tell you clearly our quality specification. We never make false information on quality specification.

By the way, we will pay your travel to TNJ Chemical if there is quality issue with us :).

Our location is  D1508 Xincheng Business Center, Qianshan Road, Hefei City 230022, Anhui Province, China.

ISO quality certificate